Below is the athlete information form for the Croydon Athletics Academy. This will only need to be completed once.

This is for Croydon Athletics Academy training sessions only. 

Please complete the following form before attending our training sessions.

This form is for parents / guardians to enter details for one athlete
If you are entering 2 or more athletes with the same contact information please Click Here.

Athlete Details
Please include the details of the athlete who will be attending Croydon Athletics Academy training
Athlete Name *
Athlete Name
Please detail below any important medical information or allergies that Croydon Atheltics Academy should be aware of (e.g. epilepsy, asthma, diabetes etc.)
Parent / Guardian Details
Please include the details of the primary contact for this athlete
Parent/ Guardian Name *
Parent/ Guardian Name
This number will be used as the first emergency contact or if a training session has to be cancelled at short notice.
2nd Emergency Contact
Please include the details of a 2nd emergency contact, to be used if the primary contact cannot be reached
2nd Emergency Contact Name *
2nd Emergency Contact Name
Photo Consent *
Croydon Athletics Academy recognises the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all young people. All coaches have Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks and in accordance with our child protection policy we will not permit photographs, video or other images of young people to be used in an inappropriate manner or taken without the consent of the parents / guardians. If you become aware that these images are being use inappropriately you should inform Croydon athletics Academy immediately. I consent to my child being photographed or videoed whilst at training or competitions with Croydon Athletics Academy to use for coaching and promotion purposes.
Please provide any additional information that you were not able to include on this form, but that we should be made aware of before your son / daughter starts Croydon Athletics Academy training.
Confirmation *
I agree to my son / daughter taking part in the activities of Croydon Athletics Academy. I agree that the information entered is correct. I acknowledge that Croydon Athletics Academy will only be liable in the event of any accident if they have failed to take responsible steps in their duty of care for my child during the activity.