Free Trial

Croydon Athletics Academy offers a free trial for the first session for all new athletes. Simply arrive at a training session and speak to one of the coaches.


Fees can be paid for Monday and/ or Wednesday sessions. Prices are based on £4 a session with a discount for attending both Monday and Wednesday sessions.  


Autumn Term 2019
9th September - 18th December

Croydon Athletics Academy will be starting the Autumn Term on Monday 9th September and Wednesday 11th September. Our break for half term will be on Monday 21st October and Wednesday 23rd October. Our last sessions will be on Monday 16th and Wednesday 18th December.

Fees can be paid for either the whole term or a half term. Monday and Wednesday sessions are paid for separately. Prices are based on £4 a session with a discount for paying the term up front or attending both Monday and Wednesday sessions.

Mondays Wednesdays Both Mondays and Wednesdays
First Half Term 6 Sessions

6 Sessions

12 Sessions
£48-£6 discount
Second Half Term 8 Sessions

8 Sessions

16 Sessions
£64-£8 discount
Full Term 14 Sessions
£56-£7 discount
14 Sessions
£56-£7 discount
28 Sessions
£112-£21 discount

Payment method
Pay online, or by cash or cheques made payable to "Croydon Athletics Academy" 

Starting in the middle of a term
Croydon Athletics Academy has a sliding scale of payment for those starting during a term. If you start part way through a term then please email for more information on pricing.

Additional Information

Croydon Athletics Academy fees are to be paid at the start of each term. Track entry is included in the Croydon Athletics Academy fees. Athletes will not have to pay when they enter Croydon Sports Arena each week. As a result Croydon Arena track memberships do not apply to Croydon Athletics Academy sessions. There will be no sessions during the school holidays or on bank holidays. No refunds will be given for absence from sessions, unless in exceptional circumstance.