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Young Athletes QuadKids Competition 2019

Friday 5th July

Enter by Thursday 4th July. There is no entry on the day of competition

Time: 6pm – 8.15pm. Registration from 5.30pm onwards. Group warm up from 5.50pm

Age groups: U9 (School Years 2 & 3); U11 (School Years 4 & 5); U13 (School Years 6 & 7)

Venue: Croydon Sports Arena, Albert Road, South Norwood, London, SE25 4QL

Cost: £8 per athlete

What is a Quadkids competition?
In a Quadkids competition, athletes compete in all 4 events; a sprint, jump, throw and a run. The times and distances of each event are converted into points and the points from each event are totalled to give a final score.

Age Group

U9 50m, 400m, Standing Long Jump, Vortex Throw
U11 75m, 600m, Long Jump, Vortex Throw
U13 100m, 800m, Long Jump, Vortex Throw

Medals will be awarded to the top three boys and girls in each age group for each competition.

Entries can be paid online at: www.croydonathletics.com/payment or by handing the form in at one of our training sessions.

Please email info@croydonathletics.com for any questions

Quadkids 2016 Results & Report

Our Croydon Athletics Academy Quadkids Competition took place last night and we had a fantastic turnout of 69 young athletes in the U9, U11 and U13 age groups. They produced some amazing overall and individual performances, which were cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd. It made for a great competition. Thank you to all the coaches, volunteers and parents who helped on the day. Your help was instrumental in making the evening run smoothly. Apologies to those people whose results got changed. I am really sorry that happened, but thank you for being so understanding.

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The top three athletes in each age group were:

U9 Girls
1st - Rhianna F    190pts
2nd - Olivia O      189pts
3rd - Kaiyonna L  164pts

U9 Boys
1st - Dunsin J      195pts
2nd - Jerome W   183pts
3rd - Harry C      166pts


U11 Girls
1st - Jessica D      222pts
2nd - Lia B          221pts
3rd - Kiera H       178pts

U11 Boys
1st - Aidann F      251pts
2nd - Jack C        190pts
3rd - Kingsley H  189pts

U13 Girls
1st - Kyra S           192pts
2nd - Lara A          189pts
3rd - Lorraine B     164pts

U13 Boys
1st - Cullen J          257pts
2nd - Karsinn C      225pts
3rd - O'Ryan W      206pts

Competition Report

There were some close competitions in lots of different age groups, but it didn't come any closer than the U11 Girls. It was just one point that separated the top two in a fascinating competition, with Jessica edging out Lia for 1st place. Lia had three fantastic performances to win the 75m (10.9s), 600m (1min 59s) and Long Jump (3.65m), but Jessica was able to keep within touching distance and with a 26.20m winning vortex throw she was able to overhaul the deficit from the other three events to claim gold. Kiera produced a 2nd place finish in the 75m and a 3rd place in the 600m to come 3rd overall.

In the U9 girls Rhianna beat Olivia by just 2 points to secure 1st place overall. Both athletes finished 1st or 2nd in all four events. Rhianna won the 400m in an impressive 1min 20s, which was faster than all the U9 boys. Olivia took the victories in the 50m (8.3s) and vortex throw (14.80m). Kaiyonna was the winner of the 4th event, the standing Long Jump with a jump of 1.75m. This jump was just enough to see off the challenge of Anariah for 3rd place, with Kaiyonna finishing just one point ahead of Anariah. Anariah was consistent throughout the competition coming in 2nd in the 50m and 3rd in both the 400m and vortex throw.

In the U9 boys Dunsin came 1st overall with wins in the 50m (8.0s) and 400m (1min 24s) and coming 2nd in both other events. Jerome, who finished 2nd overall won the standing Long Jump with a jump of 1.74m. It was once again close for 3rd place with Harry beating Kieron by only 2 points. They both took top individual points on the day, with Harry winning the vortex with a throw of 17.30m and Kieran who finished just behind Dunsin in the 400m with a time of 1min 24 seconds, but being awarded the same winning points.

The U11 boys was the largest margin of victory with Aidann 61 points ahead of 2nd place. Like Dunsin in the U9 boys Aidann was 1st or 2nd in all four events, winning the 600m in 1 min 52 seconds and the vortex throw with 26.18m. Tobi, who ended up 4th on the day, was the only boy to beat Aidann, winning the 75m in 10.5 seconds and the long jump with 3.78m. Jack and Kinsley were in a close competition behind Aidann for 2nd and 3rd place with Jack being the one to take the silver medal ahead of Kinsley, by just a single point.

Kyra took gold in the U13 girls competition by 3 points ahead of Lara in 2nd. Kyra won the 800m with a impressive 2 min 42 seconds and the Long jump with 3.44m. Lara won the vortex with a throw of 24.20m and came 3rd in the other 3 events to finish just behind Kyra. The battle for 3rd and 4th was also close with Lorraine ending up three points ahead of Ella in 4th. Lorraine notched up two 2nd place events, while Ella collected two 3rd place finishes. The fastest sprinter in this age group was Mia (who finished 5th overall) winning the 100m in 14.6s as well as coming second in both the long jump and vortex throw.

The U13 boys victory went to Cullen who threw a massive 40.80m in the vortex. This was his only win, with consistency proving to be crucial as he came in the top three in every event. Karsinn was in 2nd place also showing consistent performances across all four events including 2nd in both the 100m and vortex throw. It was an incredibly close competition for the bronze medal. O'Ryan finished on 206 points, one point ahead of Ayo, who in turn was one point ahead of Rosario. O'Ryan's victory in the 800m in a time of 2 min 52 seconds turned out to be the deciding factor. Ayo won two events taking 1st place in the 100m (12.9s) and the Long Jump (4.22m). Rosario was close to his competitors in all events but his 3rd place finishes in the Long Jump and Vortex throw, were not quite enough to take home the bronze medal.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to email jim@croydonathletics.com

Jim Eccles




Competition Feedback

This is only the second time Croydon Athletics Academy has run this Quadkids competition. We believe that on the whole the athletes enjoyed themselves and the competition was a success, but we are always looking for ways to improve. We would welcome your feedback on the competition, with your thoughts on what went well and things we could do better next time. 

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