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12th April Quadkids Competition Report
This was the first of the 2017 Croydon Athletics Academy Quadkids series. We had 39 young athletes take part and there were some exceptional performances and close competitions throughout the evening.

In the U9 girls, Jayda F won the overall competition winning three of the four events with victories in the 50m (9.0s), 400m (1min 31s) and Standing Long Jump (1.70m). The remaining event, the Vortex Throw, was won by Sidena H (9.20m) who finished third overall. It was close for second place with Anaiya N just pipping Sidena to second place by just three points. Both girls were close in all the events but Anaiya’s quicker 400m (1min 34s) was the biggest difference between the two athletes.

Jerome W was the overall winner in the U9 boys, getting three event wins in the 50m (8.1s), Standing Long Jump (1.68m) and Vortex Throw (19.60m). The only athlete to beat Jerome on the night was Nykosi D who won the 400m (1min 25s) finishing in second place overall. Alex G and Antonio S were consistent across all the events and couldn’t be separated, both finishing in third place on 172 points.

The U11 Girls age group saw a more spread out competition with four different induvial event winners. Rhianna F won the 600m (2mins 10s) helping her to win the competition overall. The Long Jump was won by Olivia O who jumped 3.40m. Olivia took second place five points ahead of Isabella B in third, who in turn was one point ahead of Gracelyn K in fourth. Gracelyn K had the fastest 75m sprint (11.3s) but Isabella’s longer Vortex Throw (11.80m) was the difference on the night. The Vortex Throw was on by Sionelle M recording a best of 13.00m.

Rhys W was the overall winner in the U11 Boys. His consistency was key to his victory as he was second or third in all four events. Evans A was second overall, who also scored consistently across all the events. Third was Dunsin J who racked up wins in the 75m (11.7s), Long Jump (2.8m) and Vortex Throw (16.80m). Unfortunately, Dunsin fell in the 600m, but did well to get up and finish scoring vital points to stay just 6 points ahead of Jed W in fourth, who took the win in the 600m (2mins 20s).

Jessica D won the U13 Girls event overall with an impressive win the 600m (3min 0s) and top three places in the other three events. Second overall was Mia M who won the 100m (14.2s), Long Jump (4.25m) and Vortex Throw (26.50m). Kiah L was in third place overall with her best performance being the 100m (14.4s) just 0.2s behind Mia.

There were just three athletes in the U13 Boys age group, but there was some close competition in all the events. Xola D won overall, picking up wins in the Vortex throw (26.80m) and the 800m (2mins 42s). Both times he was just ahead of Jacob W who threw 26.50m and ran 2min 43s. Jacob came second overall just 2 points behind Xola. Taylor B was third overall in the U13 Boys winning both the 100m (13.7s) and the Long Jump (4.05m).

Thank you to all the supporters who gave the athletes a great atmosphere in which to compete and a special thank you to the older athletes and parents who helped with the events. It was very much appreciated. 

The remaining two Quadkids competitions are on Wednesday 31st May 2017 and Wednesday 26th June 2017. If you haven’t already entered these you can do this online at www.croydonatheltics.com/payment.

Competition Feedback

Croydon Athletics Academy has run a few of these Quadkids competitions now and we are always looking for ways to improve. We would welcome your feedback on the competition, with your thoughts on what went well and things we could do better next time. 

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